October 6, 2015

Business Profile by INB 2015


Business Profile


Whether you get change from paper bills, have a medical diagnostic test, or fly in a state-­of-­the art 787 passenger jet, chances are you’ve benefited from at least one metal component built by AccraFab in Liberty Lake, WA.

AccraFab president Greg Konkol is well versed, thoughtful, and proud of his products – which have evolved from telecommunications circuitry and keyboards inn the early 1980’s, to cockpit displays and power plant monitoring equipment.



“We take on the difficult and the complex projects; those which require a high degree of precision.”

But while Konkol loves talking about his company’s growing role in an increasingly global aerospace market, it takes talking about their original­ design coffee roasters to get clients truly engaged.

“I try to tell them how important and sophisticated these aircraft parts are, and most people are like, ‘Oh. Wow, tell me about how you created a coffee roaster!’”


“Well, it is the Northwest,” quips his colleague, Ken Lathrop, who, along with Konkol, spent a year of research, development and troubleshooting with in­-house metal parts to develop a roaster small and affordable enough to fit in a dining room, kitchen, or garage.

Lathrop and Konkol refer to the machines as “micro­roasters,” and they sell for a third the cost of other commercial roasters.  Konkol’s wife, Judy, has used a unit to start her own roasting business, Artisan Coffee Company.

Whether it’s neurosurgery monitoring, airplane panels or coffee roasters, Konkol says INB guides AccraFab through every   venture.


“In the past we’d used larger banks, and they have a very high­-tech, low-touch solution.” High-tech may work for Konkol’s business, but not from his financial partner.

    “INB is local; they are tuned in,’ He says. “You’re not a number; they are genuinely interested in your success.”