AccraFab Story, Mission & Values

AccraFab Facility

Our Mission

We partner with our customers to provide innovative precision manufacturing and supply chain management solutions with award-winning quality, delivery and value.

Our Guiding Principles & Core Values

Our guiding principles and values are demonstrated beyond the borders of our company. At Accra-Fab, we:

  • Always treat people with respect and dignity
  • Take responsibility for our actions and behavior
  • Support our company and one another in both action and word
  • Make ethical decisions that are in our company’s best interest
  • Measure & focus on results
  • Continuously improve our quality of workmanship and operational efficiencies
  • Operate with clarity of purpose, direction and high energy
  • Are positive, fair and dedicated to our mission, vision and values
  • Acknowledge that our collective purpose is bigger than any one individual

Committed to Excellence

Our Story

AccraFab, Inc. was founded in 1979 in Spokane Valley, Washington.  As a manufacturer in what is labeled as the ‘Inland Northwest’, AccraFab has built and maintained a quality manufacturing business in the USA.  In 1999, Greg Konkol and Don Hemmer purchased the then employee owned business with each taking on the title of CEO in turn and running the day-to-day operations.  Starting out as a precision sheet metal manufacturer, AccraFab has expanded over recent years to include; engineering and design, protoyping, contract manufacturing, finish and assembly.  Driven by innovation and technology, we have expanded our market reach to include aerospace, coffee equipment, test and measurement, telecommunications and medical, among various others.

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