LEAN Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

In 2007 AccraFab began our lean manufacturing journey and continues to this day.

One of our biggest lean manufacturing initiatives was the reduction of space we occupied on our production floor. Before, we operated on 140,000 square feet of floor space. With the lean initiative, we reduced our operating area to 80,000 square feet. This has greatly improved each department’s ability to communicate with other problem solvers and increase the flow and functionality as parts are moved through production.

Through lean initiatives, our employees are empowered to make changes to make their jobs easier. Focusing on Gemba, our employees are involved at department production meetings discussing yesterday’s performance and today’s expectations.

At AccraFab, it is very common to hear people talking about Gemba, Kanban, Muda, Kaizen, and for employees to be part of our solution for faster, smarter manufacturing.

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