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Greg Konkol


“In our ongoing effort to improve business while being good stewards of the environment, we continuously work on the challenges of reducing waste and improving efficiencies through the implementation of Lean programs and processes.”

Greg Konkol, CEO


environmental consideration


In 2012, AccraFab completed a wastewater reclamation project in our plating line. In conjunction with the Lean project experts from Impact Washington and the technical expertise from the Washington State Department of Ecology, AccraFab put a team of experts together that designed a wastewater reclamation system. Wastewater from 1,500 gallons per week to only 82 gallons, making this a substantial project for both the environment and for business. Now, with the new reclamation system in place, acidic water is filtered and cleaned for reuse. Only a small portion of the plating formula is reduced to waste and hauled away.

Our dedication to the environment and sustainable manufacturing has positively impacted several areas in our business and we continue to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Some of our efforts have included:

  • Recycling remaining scrap metal
  • Electronic file storage
  • Reducing waste water
  • Elimination of certain chemicals

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