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Our facilities with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certifications hold state-of-the-art equipment for machining solutions such as punch press services. Industries we have served include:

What Are Punch Press Services and Abilities?

A punch press is a machine used to cut holes, bond, form, and shape raw materials, specializing in mass production. Sheet metal processing through a punch press is achieved by applying pressure to a die which determines the resulting shape of a workpiece. Presses can be of different mechanism types, such as manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic.

A turret press is a type of punch press used to punch and form metal. Turret punch press services are typically used for mass production applications and provide uniform, smaller items and parts.

What are Our Punch Press Services and Capabilities?

AccraFab offers full turnkey solutions for your fabrication needs. No matter what the project specifications require, our team of engineers can design, prototype, and customize parts and components for any project.

As a trusted metal fabrication company, we utilize our high precision, high accuracy equipment to help with your sheet metal processing. We accomplish this by customizing your sheet metal into different shapes and features that fit your unique requirements.

Our turret capabilities include:

  • Maximum part size 48” x 120”
  • Up to .187 (3/16)” plate mild steel
  • Hole tapping, extruding, and embossing.
  • Up to 2 auto-index stations per machine;
  • Dimensional accuracy +/-.005 per bend.
  • Material handling limits: 250 lbs.

Sheet Metal Processing Services

At AccraFab, our fabrication capabilities also allow us to provide a comprehensive approach when necessary. Turret Punch Presses can work in tandem with our laser cutting capabilities to create flat blanks with multiple features that are formed right into the materials. This unique approach can reduce costs and increase production for your specific project.

Our experts, paired with our high-quality equipment and tools, result in reliable, effective solutions and well-crafted parts. We can help you decide the best services for your unique application.

We are a 1-hour flight to Puget Sound which has over 20 daily departures. Additionally, we are only a 5-hour drive to Puget Sound Freeway via I-90 which is serviced by over 200 trucking companies. Our ease of access to the interstate and our award-winning manufacturing capabilities make AccraFab an ideal location for your contract manufacturing needs.

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