Rapid Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services

Creating a prototype requires precision and flexibility while the product evolves. AccraFab’s team is dedicated to managing the prototype process while looking for ways to improve manufacturability and reduce costs.

Prototyping is the task of creating a high-quality model to validate the design and functionality of a new product concept. Frequently, our team often offers input for DFM (design for manufacturing) during this process to ensure that our customer ends up with the most efficient design for full production. Our focus is usually on actual sheet-metal parts and assemblies, although we also have partners that we work with to provide 3D printing when needed.

Our in-house prototyping services include:

  • Sheet metal manufacturing
  • Assembly, electromechanical assembly prototyping (testing, green energy, medical devices)
  • Machining

If a client needs a large number of finished products, AccraFab will create a few prototypes for our team to look at, as well as for the customer and their team to review.
The main advantages of our rapid prototyping services include product realization, review, and improvement. A physical model can aid in reducing costs and time through the identification of flaws right from the start. Our rapid prototyping services will help you iron out the design and specs for your project.

More benefits or prototyping include but are not limited to:

  • Streamlined production process
  • Full review of a product
  • Identification of improvement opportunities and realization
  • Detection of problems or defects
  • Review of the overall look and feel of a product

When needed, we can also assist with focus group research with your demographic to test your product with the right audience. This often provides additional insight into the design of your new product.

Product Design Prototyping

One of the key markets for prototyping and iterative product design is the medical device market. We commonly produce prototypes for this industry, which is highly beneficial in developing a robust design that minimizes risk and improves functionality for patients. We also work closely with prototyping for the aerospace, power, and food industries.
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