Press Brake & Sheet Metal Bending Services

Press Break Solutions

Metal fabrication is composed of various methods and processes to turn metals into quality finished parts and products. AccraFab’s facilities house advanced equipment to provide a variety of metal machining solutions, such as custom press brake and metal bending services.

Press-Brake & Metal Bending Services

Our press brake bending features include:

  • Up to 14’ in length
  • Up to .187 (3/16”) mild steel
  • Up to 220 forming tonnage capacity
  • Radial bump forming, coining, conventional air bending
  • Dimensional accuracy +/-.005.
  • Material handling limit of 200 lbs.

What Is Press Brake Bending?

Press brake bending is used to form metal into U-shaped, V-shaped, and channel-shaped components. It is a precise method of formation that utilizes hydraulic presses that bend metal based upon your specifications and predetermined bends. These bends are created through clamping of sheet metal between matching punch and die.

What are Our Press Brake Services?

Our press brake equipment encompasses full programmable controls for multiple, different length bends on a singular machine for precise component forming and manipulation. With our tools, we can bend sheet and plate parts to various degrees using press brakes and employing different bending techniques.

When To Use Press Brake Bending or Forming

Press brake bending is often used for smaller projects requiring less production volume. It can be used for a variety of applications, from quick, simple bends to much more complex structures.

Press brake forming is also used when both cost and efficiency are important as this process is good for both. Time and ease both contribute to its low cost.

Additionally, press brake equipment has the capabilities to:

  • Punch
  • Cut
  • Stamp
  • Blank
  • Much more

Fabrication Facilities For Press Brake and Metal Bending Services

Our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certified facilities hold the extensive technology and expert professionals needed for high-quality sheet metal fabrication and machining. We serve many industries including:

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities provide the best services per individual application. We are a 1-hour flight to Puget Sound which has over 20 daily departures. Additionally, we are only a 5-hour drive to Puget Sound Freeway via I-90 which is serviced by over 200 trucking companies. Our ease of access to the interstate and our award-winning manufacturing capabilities make AccraFab an ideal location for your contract manufacturing needs.