Metal Finishing Services

Metal Finishing

One of the many aspects that defines AccraFab is our in-house metal finishing services.


  • Uses medium to apply uniform finish to smaller parts
  • Removes tooling marks from formed parts
  • Rounds sharp edges



  • Able to finish parts up to 52” wide
  • Efficient way to provide a uniform finish to partsGrained Parts
  • Process removes burrs and sharp edges
  • Provides excellent surface for paint
  • We can vinyl parts after grain finishing is applied to protect cosmetic surfaces during manufacturing and shipping and can add additional protection at our customer’s facilities.


Plating Room

  • Transparent, trivalent coating that not only improves paint adhesion, but complies with RoHS, ELV, and WEEE standards
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM B-921, MIL-DTL-81706 and MIL-DTL-5541, Type II, Class 1A and 3, Type I, Class 1A and 3
  • QPL-81706 approved
  • Clear Chromate/Metalast
  • Yellow Chromate
  • Subcontracted Zinc, Electro Polish, Passivating, Nickel & Anodizing

Paint (Wetcoat) / Powdercoat

  • High speed, conveyorized powder coating and painting lines
  • Highly controlled process to provide any color or texture you desire


Silkscreen and Ink StampIMG_6416a

  • Imprint legends, logos and other graphics
  • Multiple colors and designs
  • Capacity and technology to create artwork in-house

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