February 8, 2016

AccraFab, Inc. (AF) expands into Seattle area to better serve Aerospace Industry

Opening a Kirkland office and hiring a sales director dedicated to Aerospace, AF invests in Aerospace Customer service and program support


(Liberty Lake, WA – February 8, 2016) – AccraFab (AF) is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Kirkland, Washington.  Jean Crawford, Director of Sales, has been hired to support the aerospace sector from this office.  Jean will be responsible for all AF aerospace related sales, service and support, and will be teaming with AF internal engineering and customer service resources to ensure efficient and responsive product development and program management.  Jean has over 25 years of experience working in commercial aerospace with an emphasis in the areas of customer service, program management and technical sales.


“Jean’s vast experience will help us better serve and support the aerospace industry in the greater Seattle area,” said Greg Konkol, President of AccraFab.  “Combining Jean’s talent with our new local office gives AF a better understanding of our aerospace customer’s needs in the I-5 corridor real time and provides better access to our products and services improving responsiveness and partnering.”


Jean started her role with AF in September of 2015 and has the new office up and running smoothly.  According to Greg, “Jean is already proving to be a strong addition to the AF team, providing invaluable insights, face to face support and zealous attention to the contract manufacturing and engineering support needs of the growing aerospace industry”.


Incorporated since 1979 and based in Liberty Lake, WA, AccraFab, Inc. is a full service manufacturer, finisher and assembler of precision sheet metal and machined components that services aerospace and other industries by providing customer components and assemblies, engineered and manufactured to customer specifications. For further information contact Jean Crawford at